Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Beast (revisited. sort of.)

I promised you an update on my dating misadventures, so here they are. I just ruined the suprise with the strike through tag, didn't I? No matter. It's story time, regardless. A week and a half ago, I wrote this blog entry about misstep number ∞ in my dating adventures. Or, rather, the lack thereof. .
Is it of the utmost importance that you read the aforementioned note before continuing this one? Not really... but it'd help. The part that I will reference dragon slaying while wearing nothing but my underpants and a smile might be a bit confusing otherwise. The picture to the right is a sculpture of the battle that may have actually taken place.

Last Wednesday night, I showed up at 22's house for dinner and movie night. I know that that ship had done sailed [which was shortly before I took on that horde of magical trolls] but, if you'll recall from the previous blog entry I had struck up a conversation with her roommate. We'll call her 25. And, as fate would have it, she is also a hot lady nurse. If I were to chalk things up to coincidence, that would get a big mark.

Not feeling the slightest bit awkward, I arrived on time (as I always do) and was greeted at the front by 25 wearing nothing but a towel. I couldn't make that up if I tried and we all know how things in my dating life tend to go anyway. That's right... "Starcruiser WEEEEE... Starcruiser CRASHHHHH!" How many The Ewok Adventure: The Battle for Endor references did you think you'd encounter today? Probably not too many.

Are you thinking about Wickett in a towel answering the door all seductively?

What about now? Yeah... Thought so.

Things were going well. We talked about my beard. We talked about tattoos. We talked about how well I can grill food... Okay... So I've got a few things going for me. Everything was going well until her boyfriend showed up.

The first thing that has popped into my head after writing and subsequently reading that last sentence is Adam Sandler as Robbie Hart in The Wedding Singer with his, "BROUGHT TO MY ATTENTION YESTERDAY!" tirade that he launches into. Again... If there's anything that inspires lust and desire it's thoughts of Adam Sandler. And Wicket the Ewok. Sharing a towel.

I'm chock full of romanticism today.

What should have been an awkward night turned into me and four other people (22 invited her man friend over for the evening, by the way) watching No Country for Old Men. But at least it was better than fighting that rock monster like I did a week and a half ago as I mentioned at great length in the previous post. I mean... I had to woo 'em somehow, right.

Nashville continues to amaze me. It's the only place on earth that I can think of where the bards and poets end up with the ladies and I end up standing confused with my sword in my hand.

Let's hear it for entendres.

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