Monday, March 8, 2010

I am (still) inspirational

About 5 weeks ago, I wrote this entry about how inspirational I am to the Nashville music community. About how pop darlings Ke$ha, Taylor Swift, and Jewel really are in love like with me and how I've inspired some of their songs. Like this one. And this one. I don't remember what Jewel had to do with lyrics involving my name but she is fun to look at and also shot a video for one of her songs at the greatest flower shop in all the land which I think was the catalyst for the entry. It's the first song that I want to focus on today.

As I was sitting in my cube this morning, thinking about my upcoming week, I got a message on facebook from someone I don't think that I've ever met before. I'm usually pretty awful with names unless it happens to be a particularly good looking women and then I'm pretty spot on. That's not at all strange how that works, is it? Oh, yes... The message:
If you can't read it, it reads as follows:
sorry to interrupt you! I just wanna know: are u that stephen kesha wrote a song about? that would be soo cool!

If you've taken the time to read through Ke$ha's lyrics for said song (and I'm sure that you have), you would have noticed some of the lines:
"I saw you in your tight ass rocker pants" and
"And I watched your ugly girlfriend sneer across the room" and my personal favorite
"I can charm the pants off anyone but you".

I don't wear tight ass rocker pants, every woman that has been goodly enough to date me in this town has been much better looking than me, and I don't wear pants unless I have to. So, no, as far as I know the song is not about me. But this chick is hot... So I'm gonna reply and tell her that it might be. 'Cause why the hell not?

You know, someday, someone is going to make a movie about me... maybe have Vangelis score it. It could be called Chariots of Fire 2: Still Burnin'. That just sounds inspirational:

At the very least, I could continue to lie to girls on the internet and tell them that I'm the muse for pop princesses the city over.

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