Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Owl Shitty

In between trivia questions at McFadden's on Thursday nights, I get to play songs. Dan's favorite is "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus and I play it weekly just for him... Well, me as well. Anyway, one of the fuys playing last week turned in his team's answer to one of the questions and asked me if I had the new Owl City single and then proceeded to ask me if I could play it. I didn't so I couldn't so I didn't. Hot damn, that was a good sentence! He then asked me if I would play it next [read: this] week. I told him I would. Friends, I may make a liar out of myself on Thursday night 'cause I ain't playin' it.

I'm pretty leary these days about what records I will and will not buy. I don't have much discretionary income so if I drop ten bucks on a record, it better damn well be worth it. I used to just go out and buy anything because I had heard it was good. More often than not, the recommendations were well-founded and I was often pretty pleased with my purchase. Thank God I saved my ten bucks on this one.

Anyway, I downloaded this record on Sunday [thanks, uTorrent and Robbie Crowley's internet connection!] and got around to putting it on my iPod this morning before work. I figured that it would make a nice record to listen to while driving in to work. The half an hour would already be wasted spent behind the wheel of my car, I might as well give some new music a chance.

I want that half an hour of my life back.

Talk about the least offensive, boring, innocuous, most unimaginative safest damn electro-pop record you've ever heard and there you go. Adam Young (the real name of the guy behind this Owl City crap) sounds like he pulled out his Mae and Postal Service records, tucked them under his pillow at night and dreamt of unicorns and eating bowls of Golden Grahams until his tummy explodes with the warmth and goodness of ten thousand suns and then his mom comes into his room and turns on his VHS copy of Masters of the Universe and he falls asleep again. I was going to write something much more offensive about his music but if he can't muster the courage to do it why the hell should I? The again, he's got a number one hit on his hands I'm a just a dude that has three jobs.

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