Friday, January 8, 2010

Owl Shitty (the reprise)

So after spending my entire day yesterday sick, sleeping not being able to figure out why I couldn't get warm [writer's note: it turns out that the heat in our house is out... again], I did my damndest to recover. I'm think that there may be some food or spice or additive that my body is rejecting because I get sick for no reason from time to time. At least I know it's not cheeseburgers. The number of tears I would cry if that were the case would rival the flood unleashed at Isengard by the ents.

What? Like I'm the only person that really likes The Lord of the Rings.
Shut up.

After sleeping and then sleeping and then sleeping some more (with occassional three minute spans to get up and go vomit in the bathroom), I felt pretty good at the end of the afternoon. "How good?" you ask. Well, good enough to go over to my old roommate Russ' new place and watch Alabama womp all over Texas. I'm not an Alabama fan but I do like watching Mark Ingram. It's a Flint thing. Now, being as that Russ used to tour manage Underoath, he happens to know some people who one might consider at least kinda famous... At least in the music scene. So Russ decided to have a gathering of dudes... all there to watch football. Among the dudes that were there were my friend Stephen Arnold who I worked with up at Spring Hill years ago and this dude named Matt Thiessen.

Ouch! My foot!
[name dropping]
I swear there's a point to this all.

Anyway, the whole lot of us were sitting on the couch watching the game and being generally uncouth when someone mentioned Owl City. Yes, the guy that sings that damned "Fireflies" song. If you haven't heard it or read my previous post about this dude, I don't want to entirely torture you with his musical nonsense... Only partially. An example of his lyrics:
'Cause I get a thousand hugs /
From ten thousand lightning bugs /
As they tried to teach me how to dance.
And then somebody mentioned that Matt worked on that song... Helped produce that song... and sang on that song.

I 'bout lost it.
I started out relatively civil... "I like the music. It's catchy. But the lyrics sound like they were written by a 12 year old." If you live in Nashville, this is not what you say to someone who is and has made their career out of being far more successful than you in the music world. Then again, I'm not trying to make it in Nashville. I'm trying to help make Nashville realize that some of the music that gets released (and hits) in the world is ridiculous. Again... It's a Flint thing.
Much like The Lord of the Rings great things do come in threes. I've had two posts about this Owl City dude now and I am one degree of separation away from getting to tell him what I think about his music in real life. And if there's anybody who knows things about degrees of separation, it's Mr. Kevin Bacon.
But, hey... If I get to meet this Owl City dude, I'm gonna tell him what's what. You know you'd all want to do it to. It'd be like getting to meet Christina Aguillera and telling her to stop doing that annoying thing hand raising thing. Or telling Beyonce that she's, you know, just okay.
Like that. But different.

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  1. I finally heard that song today. It's really bad. I couldn't make it all the way through even once.


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