Tuesday, May 11, 2010



There. I can type it as much as I want and no one can do a thing about it.

If you paid attention to the previous blog, and judging by the lack of comments you haven't, you'll have noticed what a terrific week and a half I've been having. This culminated in the coup de grace (apologies for not putting an accent mark) of receiving a phone call at 5:45 this afternoon from my contracting agency with the following message:

"Stephen, this is Julie from Insight Global. I need you to call me back tonight on my cell phone tonight at XXX-XXX-XXXX regarding your contract."
And I knew that it was over.

You see, the position that I have held there since late July has been open since I started. I have been on NINE interviews for my position only to find out that an external candidate had earned the position. I'm sure that she is very qualified and was a better culture fit which is why she got the job.

To say that I'm not a culture fit at Asurion is no stretch of the imagination. I'm a bit of a free spirit (as if the cheeseburger tattoo didn't give that away) and a world of "yessir"s and "no ma'am"s when they're said to keep employment as opposed to when employees say it as a sign of respect is not the kind of environment I want to be involved with.

Who does?

I'm not going to write any negative remarks about my time at Asurion. It was good while it lasted. It was educational and I learned alot. And I don't care if that's not a word. And I don't care if I started that sentence with the word "and". Or if I did it twice in a row.

In terms of management style, I didn't fit in. But, hell, I did pretty good while I was there based on a 12 minute phone interview that I did while sitting in my underpants in my bedroom and was hired essentially sight unseen. In terms of culture, I certainly didn't fit in based on the fact that I sang "Jesus Take the Wheel" and "We Built this City on Rock and Roll" and various other ditties on a regular basis. I didn't fit in based on the fact that I worked at a flower shop on the weekends. I didn't fit in based on the fact that I really want to be an extra in The Hobbit when I go to New Zealand later this year. I didn't fit in because I worked as much as I did so that I can go on a trip to New Zealand so I could go be an extra in The Hobbit. Sure, a whole heap of what I did didn't amek sense to the Asurion team... But then again, not much of what I did did. I'm okay with that.

So, potential employers, I'm a well-educated guy. I'm funny. I like beer. I kick ass at taking initiative. I probably am not going to call you "sir" or "ma'am" unless you deserve it. And I won't work in a fear-based culture. I know that people look on the internet at potential employees. I understand how the game is played because I'm pretty good at recruiting (another bonus for you, dear potential employers).

So, Asurion employees, if you happen to be reading this (and I know you IT nerds probably are), take this all with a grain of salt. And maybe go get a beer afterward. I know I am.


  1. Asurion sucks and Peanut rocks!!!!

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  3. 02surfgirl is right on about the second part! I DO rock! And I don't even know who she is. That's total unsolicited praise right there, folks.

    Asurion doesn't suck, per se, but I don't think I would have been happy under my new leader there. If there's any sort of truth to the 'trickle down' theory of management and what is and is not encouraged (and I'd like to think that there is, for better and for worse), then I am confident that I would have been pretty miserable in the long run. We'll chalk these past 10 months or so up to experience.

    Aww... C'mon, Kelly... Where'd your comment go? I'm interested in what you have/had to say... Whoever you are.


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